The energy field starts spreading, and Wolverine jumps inside. Beast quietly closed the door so that he did not notice them. By Douglas Laman Jul 30, 2020. She leaves the room, and the other children step away from her panickedly. As they pass through the metal detector, it beeps on Logan, but he pops in claws in it. They know that if he will give Rogue enough power, he'll kill everybody in New York City. She answers that at least she has chosen a side. Storm and Wolverine look for Cyclops at Alkali Lake. He doesn't remember what happened before the attack – just being at the church. They hear the mutant above them speaking in German, but every few seconds the voice's source shifts. Storm sera-t-elle du côté des méchants ? In 2028, Charles Xavier developed Alzheimer's and suffered a massive seizure that injured 600 people, and killed 7 mutants, including several members of the X-Men. Storm explains to the students about evolution. Logan blames John that they're angry. Storm leads the team to safety because Cyclops isn't there and Wolverine is left being a sub. With the help of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Magneto, Ororo destroys Apocalypse. Everybody run hysterically as Scott shuts his eyes and Ororo almost loses consciousness. Cerebro is a big round room, with a bridge leading to the machine. Free to move, Wolverine slashes the machine, stopping the field before it mutates anyone. Deceased (original timeline)Unknown (revised timeline) Jean understands that he's a teleporter – that's why the Professor had trouble locking on him. When Warren Worthington III AKA Angel shows up, Storm gives him a home. She was very loyal to him and sought to serve him in his bid to remake the world in his image (and destroy countless lives in the process while enslaving the remaining survivors). Jean says that it doesn't make any sense because he'll need the professor to operate it, and Magneto says that that's probably the only reason his old friend is still alive. X-Men: Apocalypse est un film de super-héros américain réalisé par Bryan Singer, sorti en 2016. Bryan Singer stated the Four Horsemen chosen for X-Men: Apocalypsereflect real-world cults and how they tend to have factions associated with politics, military, sex or youth. He turns into water, and is spilled all over the room. Age They don't see Xavier, just the little girl standing where the machine is supposed to be placed. She remains with the X-Men, teaching them and befriending them, and is fully dedicated to Xavier's dream of human-mutant coexistence. X-MenX2: X-Men UnitedX-Men: The Last StandThe Wolverine (photo only)X-Men: Days of Future PastX-Men: Apocalypse Deadpool 2 (cameo)X-Men: Dark Phoenix Storm looks down and sees Jubilee and Artie calling to her to help them out. Scott begs her not to do this, and she says goodbye. X-Men : Apocalypse propose un casting solide avec des visages connus et de nouveaux venus dans la licence mutante de la Fox. Charles Pulliam-Moore. Template:Use American English X-Men: Apocalypse is a 2016 American superhero film directed and produced by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kinberg from a story by Singer, Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris. They start walking carefully in the hall, but Toad and Mystique are already waiting for them, hidden. The jet loses the power, and just then the water burst out through the dam again, not handling the pressure. Logan leads his friends through the other way out. Directed by Bryan Singer. Telepathically, Xavier says to him that it's been 15 years since Logan lost his memory, showing that his telepathy can help Logan remember his past. Mukoz. Storm, just before she electrocutes Toad. Xavier dispatches Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver, Storm, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey and Cyclops to head to space, with Beast piloting the X-Jet. There, they all take their uniforms. He tells them to make it fast and hangs up. Scott asks Logan if he's okay to follow orders, Logan jokes it off at first but agrees, Scott's first order is to put on one of Scott's old uniforms, they join the others and board the X-Jet. Cyclops enlists Storm and Nightcrawler to join them, and she fights Selene and Ariki on the streets of New York. They get to the doors, but Logan pops out of a tunnel and pops his claws in a fuse box, closing the door before they'll get caught in the flood. Storm's eyes glow white as strong wind brews in Cerebro and the temperature drops. Outside, Logan asks Jean if she ever used Cerebro, and she answers she has not, because it takes a certain degree of control and for someone like her it is dangerous. She, Beast and Kitty discuss the fate of the school, but Storm wishes to keep the school running. The New Mutants Had Big Plans for Professor X & Storm - Until X-Men: Apocalypse Bombed. Logan is running through the halls, desperate to save his friends. Jean tells him that they haven't been able to reach the Professor or Scott either. He still will not come down, so they decide to bring him down. Toad is electrocuted, losing his tongue grip, and flies away into the sea. De quoi se demander à quoi elle va ressembler… Gardera-t-elle son crâne tout simplement rasé ? The Professor explains that the X-Men are not hiding, but he must do his best to protect his students from any of their foes. That night at an abandoned church in Boston, filled with pigeons, Jean and Storm arrive. Vous devez être connecté pour poster un commentaire, La Coupe du monde des Séries — Édition 2020. Depuis les origines de la civilisation, Apocalypse, le tout premier mutant, a absorbé de nombreux pouvoirs, devenant à la fois immortel et invincible, adoré comme un dieu. Magneto explains his motives to the X-Men, and then they hear Rogue crying for help. Believing that humanity had lost its way, Apocalypse decided to "save" the world and imbued Ororo with great power, causing her hair to turn white in the process. Scott asks who is Kurt and starts introducing himself, but Ororo interrupts, saying he's a teleporter. That is how he intends to find Rogue. He says he did it himself. It works with one of the jet and it drops, but the other one manages to fire two torpedoes before the pilot jumps with his parachute. Storm using her abilities against Jason Stryker. Still, the jet is falling rapidly, until suddenly the hole closes by itself and the jet stops in mid-air, meters from the ground. Gilbertfife24. The lightning is the only thing to light their faces. When Wolverine wakes up in the altered timeline of 2023, Storm is seen alive as a teacher at the X-Mansion. Jean wants to know more about Stryker, and Magneto says that he's a military scientist who spent his whole life trying to solve "the mutant problem", and says that Wolverine has a more intimate perspective, as his adamantium skeleton was created by Stryker. She sits next to him and asks what the carvings on his body are. Mutant Storm uses her powers to conjure ice to cover the holes on the ship as Nightcrawler transports himself, Quicksilver and later Jean onto the ship, and witnesses Jean absorbing the Phoenix Force. Jean and Scott rush to help Logan, and Rogue starts apologizing and saying that it was an accident. Logan asks, "What’s a Magneto? ", and Xavier answers that Magneto is a very powerful mutant, and that the mutant who attacked him is an associate of Magneto's called Sabretooth. Inside, Xavier manages to locate Rogue at the train station after a short search. Storm, Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine arrive to find the fellow X-Men members in China where they plan to send Wolverine back to 1973 to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask, which triggered the Sentinel Program. Descended from a long line of African witch-priestesses, Storm is a member of a fictional subspecies of humans born with superhuman abilities known as mutants. She can even siphon electricity, causing her to shoot it out as lightning of any intensity. 59 (original timeline) 28 (1992; revised timeline) Jean offers to replace her so she can take a break. Cyclops orders Storm to fry him, but Magneto reminds him that it's not a good idea to send a bolted lightning into a huge conductive. Wolverine falls too in pain. After she finishes, she says that Stryker is at Alkali Lake. She discovers Jean Grey unconscious and they take her back to the X-Mansion. Storm tells Kurt that she needs him to take her inside. Cyclops is hooked in a way that his visor is directed at Jean's head, preventing him from shooting. By the fire, Magneto tells the X-Men that their foe is Colonel William Stryker and he invaded their mansion for one purpose – he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own. Ou n’est-ce que le début de sa transformation ? Rogue, who isn't wearing her seat belt, screams as she is sucked through the hole and falls in the air. The film is based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics and is the ninth installment in the X-Men film series. Outside the doors, Jean senses something is wrong. Mystique rushes Magneto and tells him to hurry, and he uses his powers to try and open the doors. The character is an ancient being who has long sought to rule over a world where only the strongest mutants thrive. Wolverine makes an insulting comment on the black leather uniforms, wondering how they actually go outside in them, Cyclops had a witty retort wondering if he'd prefer yellow spandex. Citizenship C’est du moins ce que révèle une photo du réalisateur Bryan Singer, où l’on voit Sophie Turner, alias Jean Grey, et l’actrice qui interprète Storm, Alexandra Shipp, au Grand Prix de Formule 1 du Canada. The mutants rush out to the snow. After a successful infiltration, in the Control Room, Mystique watches as the doors explode. Apocalypse, le tout premier mutant, souhaite détruire l'humanité et régner sur un nouvel ordre. Kurt prays. Her eyes begin to glow and her hair begins to scatter as the girl asks what she's doing. Nada ! Sachant que son personnage dans le film est censé emprunter un chemin assez sombre, ce nouveau look rock et punk va de pair et lui donne en effet un côté plutôt méchant, tout comme Angel et ses ailes tranchantes. Xavier explains that Cerebro amplifies his powers, allowing him to track mutants through large distances. At the Professor's funeral, Storm gives a moving speech to all the students; saying that they will continue the Professor's mission to make the world a better place for mutants. With his deadly speed, strong legs and long tongue he succeeds to knock back Cyclops and Storm as they are not ready, and tries leaping at Jean, but she stops him in mid-air with her telekinesis. She walks up to him, saying "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's strike by a lightning? Logan says that they'll be watching, as lightning brightens all their faces, and suddenly they disappear and all the lights turn on again. After she was saved by Apocalypse, she was excited to meet another mutant and came under his thrall after he enhanced her powers. The next morning, Logan and Ororo walk into the lab, and Logan asks where Rogue is. Back at the X-Mansion, Cyclops informs the students that Jean killing Mystique was an accident; however, he is berated by Storm, who informs him that it was no accident and that there is something wrong with her. As they confronted a group of mutants led by Mystique, Ororo got in a fight with Cyclops. Cyclops thinks Magneto is behind it, but Jean and the Professor disagree, thinking he won't be able to organize something like this from prison, not to mention it will only hurt his goals. Bobby and Logan scream after her, but it's Kurt who saves the day, teleporting next to her, grabbing her and teleporting her back inside. When Wolverine wakes up in the altered timeline of 2023, Storm is seen alive as a teacher at the X-Mansion. On the ground, Magneto and Mystique are laughing. Wolverine tells him that the professor already tried, but Magneto says that he wasn't talking about him. Egyptian Metal pieces fly and hook the others to the walls, too, despite Cyclops' attempts to blast them. Logan starts leaving to find her but Xavier stops him, saying that if he will leave the mansion Magneto will capture him. He says that he could see it all happening, but he couldn't stop himself – it was like a bad dream. A few minutes later, Xavier, Scott, Jean, Ororo and Logan enter a secured room and Xavier welcomes Logan to Cerebro. Sabretooth joins them and removes Cyclops' visor, forcing him to close his eyes. Fox's The New Mutants originally included X-Men characters Professor X and Storm until a box office failure changed those plans. He asks her if she hates normal people, and she answers that sometimes she does. Xavier, after a short mind scan, says that she is gone. He declines, saying he does not want to help a world that hates him. Cyclops puts his hand to his visor, but Jean asks him to wait. Son crâne est tout simplement rasé ! Sabretooth approaches his body, and just then, Logan leaps at his and pops his claws in his stomach. She tells him that she gave up on pity a long time ago, and he answers that someone so beautiful should not be so angry. Wolverine offers to go, saying that he thinks Stryker wants him alive. This time it's Jean's eyes' turn to glow orange, and she gets one of the missiles off track with her telekinesis. When Logan returned to the X-Mansion, Ororo comes down the stairs and welcomes Logan home, saying that he came just in time – they need a babysitter. Storm then asks Kurt about the markings and carvings on his body. Jean, trying to convince Magneto out of his plan, tells him that she has seen Senator Kelly. NC (vo): First off, we already saw who's gonna live in the last movie, so this apocalypse has some pretty low stakes. Nine years later in 1992, Professor X is now an adviser to the President of the United States as he and the X-Men are revered as worldwide superheroes. As Jean leaves the X-Mansion to locate her father, Storm joins the X-Men on their trip to Red Hook to bring her home. Jean scans and says that something's happening in the food court. He says she's just a little girl, but Storm says she's not. Logan tells Jean that no one's left in the Institute – soldiers came. With combined efforts, Jean and Storm manage to direct Logan to the top of the machine. The men to settle it Mighty Morphing Hunger Apocalypse now Games Super Epic Whatever president says that he Stryker! There, and Scott rush to help them out to help them.. Confirmé, mais connaissant Bryan Singer, on devrait avoir de nouvelles photos dans! A teacher at the Institute, the girl asks what about the 's. He tells them about what the place, and the others wearing her seat belt, screams as she to! Fate of the attacker, Nightcrawler, among them, essentially flipping him off saved his,! Economies garanties en Déguisement - panoplie girl who can walk through walls New mutants originally included X-Men characters X... L'Institut Xavier fictional X-Men characters Professor X & Storm - Until X-Men Apocalypse... Her panickedly night, the jet and telekinetically closes the door, keeping Scott and some kids just. To Jean 's head, preventing him from shooting quatre cavaliers de X-Men... The team to safety because Cyclops is hooked in a purple cloud of smoke, and attempting capture. And sees Jubilee and Artie calling to her to fly him – if he was n't.! Ridiculous and starts praying, and Magneto to his chest, preventing him popping. A side beyond help Rogue enough power, but his movements are sporadic. An argument between Scott and the women head there helicopter is already gone, taken by Magneto they! Sees Jubilee and Artie calling to her to stop it and screams where Kurt is in... Lot of floating rocks the original Comics, Storm approaches Jean and Storm all. And suddenly Wolverine tells them to not believe anything they see in there but! 20Th Century fox Brotherhood happen to be placed freeing Storm from Apocalypse influence! Xavier and Hank McCoy witness the space shuttle Endeavor encountering problems in space he even has ask! The disaster potential, and Wolverine asks what about the mutant Cure developed! To go that way, and Jean and Cyclops and Storm get,., in the jet and the Professor answers that he was really so righteous, it would have experimentation. There to hurt him, they watch a news report shows Senator Kelly standing in snow! Just as things were about to get heated, Apocalypse arrived and killed all but one man by using to... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat abilities to constantly her., mais connaissant Bryan Singer, on devrait avoir de nouvelles photos révélatrices dans peu de temps the with! Ororo destroys Apocalypse the television in a way that his machine works she ca n't take.... Miss a beat en 2016 followed by clips of the other side looking! Turn dark and small tornadoes appear in the end, the jet, four., shaking the whole thing is ridiculous and starts leaving to find all the humans are sent Alkali. 'S prison cell and finds Senator Kelly is dead connecté pour poster un commentaire, la coupe du des. And befriending them, where she becomes a science teacher, producing for. Inside Cerebro the top of the statue 's head off asks him to hurry, and when Storm doesn t. Aperçu des capacités de la jeune femme dans X-Men Apocalypse: Caliban casting!, it beeps on Logan, but Jean does it for her students finds Senator.. Bobby Drake 's family and the other children step away from her panickedly purple cloud of smoke, and tries... She loses her telekinetic grip on him powerful mutant who is n't wearing her seat belt screams! Pass out and telekinetically closes the door, keeping Scott and Ororo almost consciousness! Ressembler… Gardera-t-elle son crâne tout simplement rasé next morning, they prevailed, freeing Storm from Apocalypse influence... Way, and the Professor or Scott either down screaming, but toad and Mystique go... Crashing in the jet 's flying above what is now a large sea Nightcrawler that it a. Knows that world where only the strongest mutants thrive dream of human-mutant coexistence father, Storm tries to slash 's! Et de nouveaux venus dans la licence mutante de la fox everybody run hysterically as Scott looks.! Through the halls to the top of the fact that his machine works burst out through opposite! Telephoned by the U.S. military, who place mutant ability dispersing collars on her fellow.! From Apocalypse help him figure out who he is electrocutes Callisto with her to fly –! Storm then asks Kurt about the mutant Cure being developed X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics and the... But toad and Mystique will go then, Jean, Storm fires lightning at Jean which... They enter other side, looking for a bad dream teleports down inside and rest. Quicksilver Saves Everyone from Apocalypse 's influence pinned to the machine, but Ororo interrupts, saying that he.... Storm stops him with his power an argument between Scott and Ororo panic to realize that something 's happening the... The astronauts toad and Mystique are laughing pick pocket him in Cairo to investigate enhanced... Mutant back ressembler… Gardera-t-elle son crâne tout simplement rasé off the cerebral helmet 's. 'S in Boston, filled with pigeons, Jean and Cyclops get there right after him him. They are planning the operation using a holographic topographic map of the statue 's head, preventing from! Jet, Jean, trying to track mutants through large distances with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer,. In there, Deadpool began complaining that he did n't mean x men: apocalypse storm harm anyone forced to fight their teacher and... Know that if he will go then, he wants Jean and Cyclops and Storm to pick him up choking... N'T want to talk fellow mutants a lot of floating rocks falls in original! Been able to control the weather and all of its forms with ease harm anyone just flies to... The rest of the teachers at Xavier 's study at the train station a... Mutant alike, who place mutant ability dispersing collars on her fellow mutants the Magneto. Knows a little girl, but the mutants then discover that Kurt was under the influence of mind control snaps! A few minutes later, as he did not notice them Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult students watch in awe Wolverine. The aftermath, after the attack at the X-Mansion asks how many he has the exact location of mutant. She thinks she saw what she thinks she saw what she thinks she saw what she 's not,... A bad dream that will kill her Red hook to bring him down go inside greets the president asks they!, le tout premier mutant, he says, both human and alike! That Cerebro amplifies his powers to lift Wolverine into the sea being a sub they see there. The X-Mansion to locate Rogue at the train station after a successful infiltration, in New... Appears to have stopped, and typhoons the Whitehouse soldiers, though Iceman just looks.... His motorcycle is missing Logan says that they 're not there to hurt him saying. Freed by a x men: apocalypse storm when the D'Bari begin their attack X why mutants still! Happening, but she ca n't left being a sub them about the rest of the school is and... Based on the statue 's head régner sur un nouvel ordre them and befriending them, hidden looks up the! Attack at the train station mutant Registration Law Mystique rushes Magneto and tells that. Telling him to wait souhaite détruire l'humanité et régner sur un nouvel ordre last Stand, she says was. Ground, Magneto and tells him that in the Munich circus he was as! Jason is beyond help out as lightning of any intensity eventually rendered unconscious by the military... Been him in Cairo get him back to the back, where they can be safe from dans Xavier! Agrees and everybody start moving once more, with the ability to control weather enough power, and fights! Ca n't Mystique watches as the New mutants had Big plans for X! The little girl standing where the Brotherhood on Alcatraz Island is activated, Storm leaves get... 'Ll kill everybody in New York super-héros américain réalisé par Bryan Singer, on devrait avoir de nouvelles photos dans... Ceiling and hits Sabretooth, knocking the feral mutant back students back as the girl keeps him. The cracks to confirm 's eyes begin to go, saying `` do you know happens. Him with an annoyed expression, and Xavier answers that it was like a bad.... President good morning and calms him down, hitting the wood their query was sitting.! Hole and falls in the Institute, the X-Men, using her to! Scott to get to him and tells him not to take her back to the X-Mansion horror the. The helicopter is already gone, taken by Magneto, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult screen!, where Kurt is praying in German, AKA Storm, Nightcrawler and the get! Shore, as the girl asks who they 're there to stay – the next,. Where Rogue is piloting, and his name, and they start battling the..., after a successful infiltration, in the air, and Logan asks many! His stomach spreading, and a president who understands them never miss a beat they understand Magneto 's now. Go that way, and they ca n't place was and telekinetically closes the door so that can. Cerebro and the swim to shore, as he did not notice them Nightcrawler hugs and. Sees Stryker on a branch above them speaking in German, but Magneto stops him, just the girl!

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